Our intention at A Path Forward is to help you find the right type of therapy for various psychological reasons. A right type of therapist also helps you cope with life challenges and emotional issues in a more healthier and productive way. In modern times it is also very important for Individuals to have therapy because it can improve the symptoms of mental health conditions and help them cope with trauma and other issues in a more timely manner. According to statistics, only 40% of people going through depression or other mental health issues get some type of help they need and in the other 60% cases it rather remains undetected or people are not able to get the hello that they need. Not being able to get a therapy when you need it the most can also have adverse effects and impact your ability to function as a healthy individual. Here are some examples of situations on how it impacts your life:

In many cases people are very hesitant on whom to reach out and can use other methods of Psychotherapy such as booking Online Therapy sessions. We also provide affordable online therapy for people who want help remotely and have access to a computer or a secure app on the mobile device. A Path forward can provide you with a therapist that can address your concern. We provide therapy for a wide variety of issues with Individuals facing problems in their professional life, personal life, relationship issues, anger management, parenting issues, dealing with grief/loss, depression, life transitions etc.

At A Path Forward we specialize in the following areas of life and personal issues and we also offer best Online therapy and affordable options. Here are the following.

We offer In-Clinic sessions and affordable online therapy sessions for a wide variety of our individuals and people looking for a safe and secure environment to connect with a therapist and talk about your issues and feel comfortable doing so. It is very important to find the right type of therapist as they can see through the actual issues and help you out in best way possible overcoming these mental health barriers and just talk openly about issues.

So if you are having one of these issues, all you need to do is book a free consultation call with us and we can tell you whether you need an online or in person therapy. After we have evaluated an individual looking for therapy we can decide how frequently you need therapy after you have visited or a therapist has gone through a few sessions with the individual concerned.