The difference between a Therapy and Counseling is that Counseling tends to focus on specific issues and is considered a short run treatment for various issues that you might be having in the field of parenting, marriage, dating, work life etc. As experts we find that psychotherapy is a longer treatment and takes more than a few sessions to get into the issues and help a person cope with them. A counselor is a licensed professional who has the right soft skills to help people deal with any type of loss, depression, anxiety, addictions and life issues. At A Path Forward we also offer Counseling services such as online counseling, Individual counseling and professional counseling. In the 21st century, we find our lives to be as stressful as ever and people find it even more difficult to share how they feel. There are many situations due to which Individuals might find themselves in a spot where they need counseling and talking to a professional:

A Path Forward offers Counseling services to help you cope with certain specific types of situations and life issues. A good and professional counseling can help you deal with some very important life issues and help you overcome them to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. If you have been feeling low or different for a while and do not know how to communicate your issues with your friends or family, then you definitely need counseling sessions. We also offer free consultation call which lasts about 60 minutes, it helps us determine the nature of your issue and the counseling needs that you might have. We also recommend In Clinic and online counseling depending on the situation and your convenience. Here are the types of counseling that people usually need that we offer:

A Path Forward Counseling Services LLC exists for the sole reason of delivering the best in field therapy and counseling services to our clients and identify people’s needs and best address them via licensed professionals and our team that is qualified and capable to deal with the above mentioned issues and we also provide affordable online counseling apart from in persian counseling sessions. If you are looking for a reliable and professional online portal that addresses all of your counseling needs and have any of the above mentioned issues and counseling needs, you can contact us today.